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(Vikings) -
VIKINGR. Journeys, War and Belief in a Time of Transition. Catalogue for the Viking Age exhibition, Historical Museum 2018.
Ed: Marianne Vedeler. Oslo, Museum of Cultural history 2019. 127 pp. Richly illustrated with photos in colour of exceptional artefacts representing different viking aspects of life, death and society. 25x20 cm. Publisher's pictorial wrappers. As new. ISBN: 9788280842053.
- 'Vikingr', the Norse word for Viking used by seafarers, maritime warriors and long-distance travellers. The catalogue features a number of the most famous and spectacular objects from the Viking Age now gathered in a single room. The exhibition was designed by Snøhettaand will not open for a few years yet.
Boknummer: 47483 Pris: 250 kr.

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