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JARVIS, Charlie.
ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. Linnean Plant Names and their Types.
London, Linnean Society & Natural History Museum 2007. 1017 sid. Rikt illustrerad med botaniska illustrationer i svartvitt och färg. Stort format, 28x22 cm. Inbunden i förlagets vinröda pappband med illustrerat skyddsomslag.
- Important reference work to the typifications of the plant names described by Carl Linnaeus. Bringing together for the first time information on the typification of all Linnaues' plant names. With a comprehensive catalogue listing each Linnaean name stating: 1) Place and date of publication 2) Type specimen, typifier and place of typification 3) Current name and explanatory notes, including reference to relevant literature. Detailed accounts of Linnaeus' publications and those of other botanists that contributed to his understanding of plants. Significant plant collectors are enumerated, with examples listed of imported specimens known in Linnaeus' and other herbaria.
Boknummer: 23649 Pris: 1250 kr.

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